Demand response for grid-friendly quasi-autarkic energy cooperatives.


A project, based on the best-ranked research proposal of the first ERA-Net Smart grids Plus International joint call for proposals in 2015.

Meet our Team

The consortium is composed of experienced researchers, business champions and pilot partners.


Michael Kaisers, Project Leader
Pablo Hernandez Leal, Postdoc
Tim Barslaag, Postdoc
Shantanu Chakraborty, Programmer

Fraunhofer ITWM

Matthias Klein, Project Researcher
Alexander Klauer, Project Researcher

Spectral Utilities

Philip Gladek, CEO
Tom Westra, Business Developer


Thomas Sykora, Board Member


H. Hanen, CEO
J. Schmidt, Developer
F. Stiber, Engineer

In a nutshell

The energy transition towards (fluctuating) renewable electricity generation requires more flexible demand response. This demand response is possible, due to decreasing storage prices, flexible thermal loads, electric vehicle charging schedules etc., but it requires intelligent coordination. Since centralized solutions are intractable due to privacy concerns, limited computational scalability, and the individuals concern to maintain decisional autonomy, this project proposes decentralized coordination in quasi-autark energy cooperatives, striving for operational energy balance.

Michael Kaisers

In a nutshell

This German-Dutch research project develops and evaluates the coordination mechanisms and the technological platform for the energy cooperative, to achieve cost efficiency or maximum autarky by shared exploitation of storage and other flexible resources. A transnational energy market aims to further push cost efficiency when the two pilot cooperatives are more widely replicated and adopted in future scenarios.

The Tech Team

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